Financing Application Process


  • Daftar Online Online Registration
  • Simulasi Persetujuan Approval of Simulation
  • Pengumpulan Dokumen Document Collection
  • Analisa Data Data Analysis
  • Persetujuan & Akad Kredit Credit Approval & Agreement
  • Penyerahan Dana Transferring of Funds

Financing Requirements


Copy of documents required

  • Applicant & Spouse’s ID card (KTP)
  • Family Card (KK)
  • Tax ID Card (NPWP)
  • Proof of Income
  • 3 Months Savings Records

Copy of documents required

  • Company Officials ID Card (KTP)
  • Company SIUP, TDP & Domicile Letter
  • Company Deed of Establishment & Amendments
  • Company’s Tax ID Card (NPWP)
  • Historical Financial Statement

Financing Simulation

Jumlah partisipasi pendanaan (IDR)
Interest Rate Range (%)
Financing period range (years)
Installments Per Month
*Interest rates are calculated differently depending on the assessment of the individual borrower.
Apply For Financing Now

Apply for Financing Now

All Indonesian citizens based in JABODETABEK & is deemed able to pay financing installments
You may apply through our website or contact us directly via Email, Office Phone or WhatsApp listed in the About Us page.
Standard fees apply for property appraisal (if required during financing processing) and provision/admin fees upon signing.
We process and approve financing within 7 working days of full document submission.
We specialise in invoice financing, leasing and installment financing.
We offer very competitive financing interest rate relative to other non-bank financial institutions.
We will re-analyze your application according to the criteria and requirements in Proline Finance. Applications can be approved if these conditions are met.